Large Scale Municipal WWTP

Project Name: WWTP in Inner Mongolia
Capacity: 100,000m³/d
Technology: A/A/O + dyna-sand + UV

The Bayannaoer Linhe wastewater treatment plant is to use the loan fund project. The capacity is 100,000 m³/d. The project using A²O and continuous sand filter process, this process has excellent biological denitrification and phosphorus removal function. The design of 100,000 m³/d effluent quality will fully meet the requirements of Class 1 B as defined in GB18918-2002. The design of 60,000 m³/d effluent quality by depth treatment will fully meet the requirements of Class 1 A as defined in GB18918-2002.

GreenTech's Scope in this project includes equipment supply, installation, plant Commissioning , after sale services and the effluent guarantee.