Tianjin Shuanglin Oxidation Project

In August 2010, GreenTech Water Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the equipment contract including technical service with Tianjin Shuanglin Wastewater Treatment Plant, which has the Oxidation Ditch Process as its main process. This contract officially started implementation in August 2010.

This project is in the first phase with the scale of wastewater treatment of 40,000t/day. In the Oxidation Ditch Process, 4 LandyTM-7 surface aerators will be installed with power of 160kw and oxygen transfer efficiency of 2.3kgO2/kWh for each unit. In addition, this project includes frequency controlled drives and soft starters as well as automation and control system. This plant will be put into operation by the end of 2010. The effluent quality is fully in conformity with the requirements of Class 1 B as defined in GB18918-2002.

This project is the first Oxidation Project as a milestone for GreenTech in the Tianjin Water Treatment Market. As a professional engineering company, GreenTech’s mission is to offer innovative, cost effective and reliable water and wastewater treatment engineering solutions and professional sales services.