The First HDPE UF Skid Out of Production Line

In August, 2010, the R&D and Manufacturing Center of GreenTech Water Engineering Co., Ltd. (GreenTech) succeeded in producing the first HDPE UF Skid through a couple of months of hard working.

The center was established at east of Changping district of Beijing in March, 2010. This factory covers an area of almost 2000m2 with complete supporting facilities for manufacturing large-size of membrane skids.

At the initial stage, the center focused its attention on how to deal with all difficulties when HDPE pipe is applied in UF membrane skid. The first HDPE skid finally came out of production line in August of this year after lots of experiments and trials based on characters of HDPE pipe. During the process we accumulated a great deal of valuable experiences on UF skid for mass manufacturing and found the way for improvement of productivity in the future.

The successful application of the HDPE pipeline in UF skid has laid a solid foundation for further research on HDPE pipe application. In addition, this achievement has expanded GreenTech’s business scope and improved the whole engineering service capibilities.