Group Recruitment

  • Sales Director


    Job Description:

    1. Based on GT overall strategy, develop and execute GT sales strategy, Formulate and implement a complete sales plan

    2. Supervise the implementation of the whole process of sales, meet sales target

    3. Organize sales meetings, determine lead、sales priorities and solve related issues etc

    4. Organize team to finish new market development, market expansion and new project development


    1. More than 8 years sales experience in environmental industry or relevant area

    2. More than 3 years sales department management experience including leading and managing a sales team

    3. Excellent planning and organizing skills, good ability to maximize revenues and profits by effectively manage business team

    4. Excellent time management, communications, decision making, presentation and organization skills

    5. Problem solver, initiative, ownership and accountable

    6. Excellent ability to learn products and market, good knowledge of GT products/services

    7. Team player who can work under high pressure

    8. Bachelor or above degree

  • Senior Sales Project Manager


    Job Description

    1. Identify and track projects, Keep contact with design institute and potential customers

    2. Be responsible for bidding documents

    3. Management relations with Internal and external partners

    4. Complete personal sales tasks


    1. Bachelor or above degree, major in water treatment or environmental Engineering is preferred

    2. More than 5 years sales experience in water treatment equipment or project

    3. Good ability to develop and follow up project

    4. Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills

    5. Willingness to work a flexible schedule and frequent travel

  • Project manager


    Job Description & Requirements

    1. Environmental engineering or related major,Bachelor or above degree

    2. More than 8 years experience in water engineering project management

    3. Responsible for management of project team including procurement, engineering and site work

    4. Responsible for total execution of projects from start to final acceptance including time, cost, quality, organization, safety and risk etc

    5. Good ability of project risk control

    6. Good communication skills internally and externally

    7. Good Ability on team management and motivation

  • Water Treatment Proposal Engineer


    Job Description

    1. Responsible for process selection and calculation for proposals

    2. Responsible for proposal and bid documents preparation

    3. Technical support to commercial communication


    1. Environmental engineering or related major,Bachelor or above degree

    2. More than 3 years engineering design experience in water and sewage treatment

    3. Know how and understanding of relevant water process technologies

    4. Technical proficient in AUTOCAD and OFFICE software

    5. Strong communication and troubleshooting abilities

    6. Willing Travel as and when required

  • Water Treatment Process Engineer


    Job Description & Requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above in water supply and drainage, environmental engineering or chemical engineering

    2. More than 3 years engineering design experience in water(sewage) treatment

    3. Design institute or engineering company working background is preferred

    4. Familiar with domestic membrane water treatment wastewater/reclaimed water recycling process and common membrane products

    5. Independently complete main process designs applied in membrane water treatment technology

    6. Independently complete construction drawing and pipe drawing designs for conventional engineering

    7. Cooperate with DI to provide civil conditions and other public engineering conditions

    8. Experience in membrane water treatment system installation and commissioning is preferred

    9. Technical proficient in AUTOCAD and OFFICE software

  • Site Engineer


    Job Description

    1. To undertake the inspection, installation, commissioning tasks of the conventional equipment independently

    2. Organize and implement the construction operations of the project site; be responsible for the schedule, quality, safety and cost of construction operations

    3. To supervise, manage and control the installation subcontracting unit

    4. Keep and maintain the relationship with the construction management and supervision personnel from the owner, the general contractor and the civil units


    1. College degree or above, 3 years site management experience in water treatment engineering

    2. Be able to compile site construction plan

    3. Familiar with process/electrical drawings

    4. Good experience in installation guidance, commissioning and maintenance; Strong practical ability and ability to handle on site emergencies

    5. Frequent traveling is required

  • Procurement Engineer


    Job Description & Requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above in Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Environment, trade or related major

    2. More than 3-5 years project procurement experience

    3. Familiar with supplier, equipment and material price

    4. Proficient in the whole procurement process (inquiry, evaluation, negotiation, contract, execution, inspection, etc. )

    5. Experience in water/sewage treatment is preferred

    6. Proficient in negotiation skills

    7. Teamwork spirit